History of Sandhya Samity Library

Brief History of Sandhya Samity

1942: A year in the annals of India's Freedom Movement. Young Indi, charged by the clarion call of "Quite India" and inspired by the firy speeches and ideas of Swami Vivekananda, Arovinda Ghosh and others started assembling themselves under the banner of some patriotic outfits like Jugantar Party, Anusilan Samity etc. Few enthusiastic young men of Barrackpore, Palta, Ishapore belt started organizing themselves having their base at Shibtala area of Nonachandanpukur Barrackpore. At the initial stage they used to meet at the back side of a grocer's shop owned by Mrs. Patalkumari to hoodwink the British Police and informers. Soon these youths roped- in some young employees of Ishapore Ordnance Factories (Rifle, Metal & Steel factory) and outwardly formed a club cum library in 1942 where the Ordnance Factory employees along with others ostensibly passed their pastime after the day's work. Thus they coined the name Sandhya Samiti (Evening time club). The library used to distribute some of the then proscribed books like Pather Dabi, Anandamath, The Geeta etc. The Sandhya Samiti from its initial days gave importance to physical exercise, body building etc beside the library. After some few years the Quite India Movement died out but Sandhya Samity continued to stay.

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Mrs. Patalkumari, being moved by the sincerity and good behavior of the young members of the club, donated a piece of land to Sandhya Samity on 10.07.1944. The present building is standing on that land.

Subsequently another adjacent space of land was sold to the Samity by Bholanath Ghosh at a throwaway price .These two plots jointly make the present Library area. Initially, in early 1943-44 ---only a hutment with thatched roof was built on the land. But subsequently with the donations from residents of nearby areas a one storied building was erected in that place. Sri Kanailal Bandhopadhyay from Ichhapore, was a very good organiser of that time. Subsequently more men joined hands and Sandhya Samity with its library and sports and physical culture activities became fake taschen kaufen famous in this area. In 1961-62 it was registered as a library and it continued to blossom. A second floor was erected in brick structure only in 1990 with MP lad fund but couldn't be finished. Subsequently the library started sinking due to neglect of the then officials. For about ten long years the library was almost abandoned and became a ghost place. All books, almirahs even windows were lost.

In 2018-19 some senior as well as young residents of Shibtala, Banerjee para and adjacent areas joined hands together to revive the Samity. Their zeal, sincerity and honesty, coupled with the donation of some and help from the Municipal Chairman and the organizing ability of the present Secretary had helped the library to be of present status. The help of Hon'ble Library Minister Janab Siddiqullah Chowdhury is worth mentioning.His department had donated Rs.324155 for the improvement of the library in Feb. 2021. 

The cooperation and help both in money and necessary other inputs, physical labour -- all showered on the library abundantly to make it what it is to-day. From nil book position of 2020, presently we are having a digitalised library with more than 1000 books. We have a Karate division, a Computer section, classes for spoken English and an educational hub for the coaching of Secondary and Higher Secondary classes of all Boards all at affordable cost. A well staked Reading Room also here for IAS, WBCS and similar competitive examinations. The entire Library Campus is now covered under CCTV coverage.

The Library observes different International and National Days. The Birth anniversaries of distinguished personalities. But we are not stopping here. We hope to make it a Centre of Excellence in education and culture. Sandhya Samity Public Library is looking for every one's help, cooperation, sympathy and support to achieve the goal. 

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